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Rachel Patton

 “I am not going to let this beat me!”

Rachel makes this comment after thinking long and hard about the life lesson she learned from this year’s disappointment of placing out of the top 5 at the 2009 NPC Jr. Nationals. Rachel has never been out of the top 5 since she started competing in 2005. She won her class and the overall at her first fitness competition and then went on to place 4th in the 2006 NPC Jr. USA’s, 5th in the 2007 NPC Jr. USA’s, and 4th in the 2008 NPC Jr. Nationals. She poured her heart and soul into the 2009 NPC Jr. Nationals and to walk away out of the top 5 was devastating.

“Looking back I can see that my focus was so wrapped up in getting my Pro Card that I lost sight of why I love the sport of Fitness Competitions…. I do this for the love of competing, the love of being on stage, the love of performing, and the very cool friends that I have made along the way.”

Full Interview below…

CS: How did you get into or hear about fitness competitions?
RP: I was a student at Metro State College in Denver studying Exercise Science and was reading a Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine when I saw some coverage about Fitness. I was like, wow! These women look amazing! I want to look like that and those are some pretty cool tricks they are doing. I want to do that.

CS: But you didn’t start compete until several years later. Why?
RP: I had no idea where to start. I was training at school and it wasn’t until I joined this gym, Better Bodies, that I finally got to meet some people who were or had competed. It was really cool, because they had actually come up to me and asked me if I was a competitor. They were surprised that I hadn’t competed and encouraged me to give it a try.

CS: Well, obviously they had a good eye for fitness talent…
RP: I am not so sure about that.
CS: I have known you for several years and I have watched you excel in an area of sports and athletics that you had no experience in and I think you have done an amazing job!!!

CS: How has your training for fitness competitions changed over the years?
RP: I think that because of my education in Exercise Science, my experience in personal training, and my desire to be the best that I can be has driven me to find ways to improve.

CS: For example?
RP: Flexibility is not one of my strengths, so a couple years ago I started taking yoga and pilates and now I can roll through the splits. I took up spinning to challenge myself more during my cardio sessions and to improve conditioning for my routine.

CS: Let’s talk about conditioning for your routine. You know how I am about making sure your routine is as strong at the end as it is at the beginning?
RP: Yep

CS: Besides running your routine, what have you implemented this year that has made a difference in your conditioning for your routine?
RP: Crossfit training

CS: How did you get introduced into Crossfit?
RP: Keith Bushaw at Arvada Fitness where I am a personal trainer.

CS: And I am as well… I see you guys doing some very fun and crazy Crossfit workouts. Tell me, why do you like the Crossfit workouts so much?
RP: Because when I am done with a crazy Crossfit workout I get that same feeling that I do when I finish a fitness routine.

CS: That feeling like your gonna puke!!!
RP: Absolutely!!!

CS: What would be your recommendation or warning for someone who wants to try a Crossfit workout?
RP: The most important aspect that I can recommend is that you must know your physical limitations if you are ever going to try a Crossfit workout.

CS: I really like that piece of advice… So, what are your fitness goals for the next few years?
RP: I have always wanted to earn my pro card and that hasn’t changed. I still want my pro card, I will just stay focused on why I am doing all this.

CS: For the love of competing, the love of being on stage?
RP: Yes, and for the cool friends that I have made along the way!!!

CS: As you know, I have been around for a long time and I can’t tell you how much I love going to the shows and seeing all the very cool friends I have made. OK, I have just a few more questions.
RP: Shoot…

CS: What do you value most in your life right now?
RP: My family, my amazing fiancé Shawn, and the experience that I have gained from working with Keith and all the trainers at Arvada Fitness.

CS: What do you love most about Shawn?
RP: How super supportive he is about everything that I want to do.

CS: So what is the next thing that he is being super supportive about?
RP: I really want to do a half marathon.

CS: And are you?
RP: Looks like I will be on October 18th

CS: I know that if you put your mind to it you will train hard and you will run that half marathon like a true champion!!!!
RP: Thanks Carol…
CS: Thanks Rachel for taking the time to chat with me and let me say how much I have enjoyed working with you. You have made be a better coach and trainer!!! Congrats on being our very first Infinite Sports USA Featured Athlete!!!

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posted: September-17-09

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