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Max Muscle Loveland
Ron Worley and Erin Brady
Loveland, CO.
Ph. 970-667-MAXX
Cell 970-396-0589

Ron Worley & Erin Brady

Whether your body building, losing weight, or simply dedicating yourself to a healthier lifestyle- Max Muscle provides the best products and services to feed your passion.

Our sports nutrition supplements are renowned in the health and fitness industry and with our customers for their high quality and level of purity. Our top selling proteins, High 5 and Max Pro are made to optimize protein uptake and absorption, while using only the best ingredients. Beyond the supplements we manufacture ourselves, at Max Muscle, we are committed to promoting and carrying only the safest, most effective products.

But supporting your health and fitness goals doesn't stop there. We also provide expert advice through our award-winning monthly magazine, Max Sports and Fitness, our MaxFormation Fitness Contest, as well as cutting-edge fitness apparel to keep you comfortable and looking great.

Because at Max Muscle, feeding your passion is our top priority

Ron Worley and Erin Brady are the proud owners of the newest Max Muscle store in Loveland Colorado, set to open in December. Please support Max Muscle Loveland, this store is owned and operated by two very special people.

Ron and Erin have been two of our most loyal and dedicated members of Infinite Sports USA since they became a part of our team over a year ago. Not only have they been very successful on stage, Ron is a Master’s overall Champion and Erin won the Colorado Natural in 2008, they were also the “Hottest Couple” in 2008.

Along with being great athletes they are always there to support their Infinite Sports teammates, they are always highly involved with our charitable events, they spend hours taking pictures for the web site and athlete pages, helping back stage, even traveling out of state to support the Team.

Not only are they two of our most valuable athletes, but are definitely our most dedicated sponsors. Through their own companies, sponsors they have sourced and brought to us, or out of their pocket this amazing couple always comes through to help our team financially. Max Muscle Loveland has already committed to be the title sponsor of this years Make-A-Wish fitness-a thon and they aren’t even open, that’s how giving they are! They have also given us their commitment to support our NPC competition The “Warrior Classic” on August 7, 2010, more information on this contest to follow soon.

Infinite Sports USA is a devout supporter of Max Muscle Loveland, and we would hope you all support them as we do. Ron and Erin will have your best interest in mind when you come to their store, their goal is to help you achieve your goal.
Max Muscle Loveland’s top priority is feeding your passion!

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posted: September-17-09

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