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Bruce's bar

If you want to enjoy a little bit of Colorado history visit Bruce’s Bar & Restaurant in the (not so small anymore) town of Severance, Colorado. This historic gathering place closed its doors on January 31, 2007 after the original owner Bruce Ruth passed away after a long illness. Bruce Ruth bought the property in 1957 when it was the Severance Recreation Hall for $6,000.00 and made it into the landmark it is today.


1957 -- Bruce Ruth bought the Severance Recreation Hall for $6,000 and renamed it Bruce's Bar.

1959 -- Bruce's begins to serve Rocky Mountain Oysters.

1964 -- Ruth adds a cafe with an expanded menu.

1972 -- The bar gets a facelift by Marvin Norton, a freelance artist, who paints a variety of murals of animals on the exterior of the building, including a group of bulls protesting.

1973 -- Ruth hired Dennis Guffy to help in the kitchen. Guffy eventually became kitchen manager and part owner.

1975 -- Ruth hired Linda Winter to bartend. Winter, who was Ruth's girlfriend for the final 20 years of his life, eventually became bar manager and part owner.

1982 -- The annual nut run began -- which attracted nearly 15,000 motorcycle enthusiasts in its final year, 2006.

July 2006 -- Bruce's teamed up with Stillwater Outfitters in Brighton and 2004 world-champion goose caller Jeff Foiles to begin an annual goose calling competition.

Aug. 25, 2006 -- Ruth, 73, died after a long illness.

Jan. 31, 2007 -- Bruce's Bar closes it doors for the last time.

February 2008 -- Bruce's gets new life as Jairo Landeros purchases the bar and remodels it. He plans to keep the name and the décor intact.

Bruce's barJairo Landeros still owns the property. Bruce Carron (nephew of previous owner Linda Winter) now owns the Bar/Restaurant, business name, etc. and operates the business.

They have been re-opened for almost a year and are excited to bring back the traditions of Rocky Mountain Oysters and the annual “Nut Run” which is on Sunday September 20 at Bruce’s starting at 11:00 AM. This motorcycle gathering brought over 15,000 bikers to Severance in 2006, the final year it was held at Bruce’s.

If the names Carron and Landeros sound familiar they should, they are the families of the two Berthoud wrestlers who tragically lost their legs in an automobile accident on January 15, 2007. Being a good friend of their Wrestling coach Scott Pickert I paid very close attention to this story. I was so inspired by how these two young men, with so much life in front of them kept such a positive attitude and fought through all the adversity they had to endure. For example Tyler got fitted for prosthetics and walked across the stage on April 10, 2007 to receive his High School Diploma not 4 months after the accident, and Nikko wrestled another year at Berthoud High School. I have had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with these two young men and they are truly my hero’s, and an inspiration to everyone. They are now playing sled hockey and playing it well! Join us at Bruce’s for the “Nut Run” and help support these guys in their latest endeavor, as they so unselfishly support other kids who need prosthetics through their “Champions of Life Walk” they do every year to help others get the prosthetics they so desperately need.

These two Young Men and their families are truly “Champions of Life”

posted: September-17-09

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